About Me

I honestly cannot remember a time when drawing was not one of my favorite pastimes, but I never really considered it as a career. I taught special education and elementary for several years before starting a family. Some of my favorite memories of college were to turn on Beethoven or Mozart and paint. I painted to relax before exams and to decorate my room and those of my friends. I painted because it is my true passion.

Once my children came along, I found it was difficult to have oil paints set up with toddlers running around. I substituted appliqué quilts and clothes for my children as an outlet for my creative energy.  

Years later, someone asked me what I planned to do when the kids left home. I replied that I would probably start painting again. I have taken many workshops but am essentially self taught. Once the time became available, my love of creating art launched a budding career.

I started in oils and switched to watercolor for years. Five years ago, I was introduced to colored pencil. This incredible medium has given me the freedom to produce art that can look like oils, watercolor, pastel, or extremely detailed drawings. I have found the freedom to create wherever I am and truly enjoy the work I am able to create for myself and others. 

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